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African Print Earrings

Get noticed for the right reasons!

Our statement earrings in African Print are available in Tassels and Drop designs.

Red Sunbeam AfricaPrint Tassel earrings.
Orange Sunbeam African Print Tassel earr

OUR Rings

Our handmade rings are available with semi-precious crystals, cowrie shells, beads and more.  Wrapped in our creative and authentic style.

Hand wrapped Golden Cowrie shell ring
Hand wrapped brass ring with crystal Tig
Glass Czech Brass  wrapped ring
Handmade brass wrapped glass crystal rin
Hand wrapped Natural Shungite Bead Ring
Handmade brass wire nest ring with Afric
Handmade copper wrapped ring


"I've just come into your shop on the off chance and I'm in love with everything! I can't pick one thing... so I've picked 4 pieces of jewellery as they are all beautiful and I'm just obsessed!

- Tess

Earring Selection

Our earrings are individually handmade, and selected for their uniqueness. They range from a wide selection of: studs, clip-ons, hoops, big earrings and drop styles.   

About Us

"Shine like the Treasure you are" - Lola's TreasureBox

Lola's TreasureBox is a unique jewellery and accessories brand who aims to create positivity, colour and culture.


We are proud to accomplish this through our handmade and selected jewellery, inspired by African and Middle Eastern cultures. 

Our mission is to work with our customers to help find them the right jewellery and accessories to complement their outfits and lifestyles. 

About Us

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