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About Us

“Treasure the things about you that make you different and unique” - Quote by  Karen Kain

Lola’s treasurebox is a unique jewellery and accessories boutique that specialises in high-quality luxury products. Ltbox is unique in its holistic customer centred approach and concentrates on quality customer relationships rather than quantity.

Ltbox boasts of having an excellent selection of exquisite rings, chains, earrings and beads; luxurious African and ethnically-inspired jewellery, Intriguing statement pieces fit for a queen; and much more! In fact everything about Ltbox has royalty in mind.

“Give yourself the best and become the best” - Quote from Lola’s treasure box

Jewellery was and still is a universal form of adornment. . Most likely from an early date it was worn as a protection from the danger or to signify status or rank.

Using history and stories Ltbox helps form a picture of beauty that each jewellery piece deserves.

Each piece of jewellery is symbolised and because we know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder we have a wide selection to cover varied tastes and different needs of its customers.

Ltbox’s mission is to work with women to help them find the right jewels and accessories that will complement their outfits and lifestyle so they can… Feel good and Look good!

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